Where I was at: Tower Records NYC, October 2005

Does anyone remember Tower Records? Does anyone even remember stores?  It was October 2005 when Patti did a live performance at the Tower downtown in NYC for the special 30th (!) anniversary edition of Horses. I was digging through some old digital files - you know how they can accumulate and get buried in the intestines of your computer, no matter how good your filing system is - and this one jumped out at me. Man, that looks like a long time ago already. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photo!
    It really looks like ages ago even if it is "only" 5 years...
    That makes me realize that "Horses" is now 35!
    Let's just hope that Other Music (across the street from where Tower was) and other great record stores across the world continue their trade and cultural promotion of music.