summer photography

Acropolis photographer, Athens 1972

So it's summer. You could set yourself up on a hill in Athens taking souvenir postcard photos of tourists at the Acropolis. But that all sounds so ancient. Are these photogs out of business now? Is the Acropolis still there? Is there now an app for that?

While summer is still in full swing, here are a few summer memories from the Godlis archives. Get out the barbecue, get out the sunglasses, get out the camera...

Brian demonstrates jellyfish grabbing, Massachusetts summer 1975

Hassid, Coney Island - summer 1979

Fenway Park, Boston summer 1975

Sadie walking across the Brooklyn Bridge - summer 2001

Abandoned Roadside Cabins, Adirondacks  summer 2003

Central Park, Summer 1980

Coney Island, Summer 1978

Eileen, Coney Island - summer 1979

Watching Minor League Baseball -  Massachusetts, summer 2009

Coney Island, Summer 1990 - shot on plastic mail order camera

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